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Hey there! I'm glad you stopped by. This is where I share my latest adventures, weddings, and rambling thoughts. This is the place for me to truly let my pictures tell the stories they hold. Life is full of beautiful encounters and I share my favorites here, whether that be my latest wedding, random snapshots from my family, or one of my grand adventures. So feel free to explore a bit, scroll through the archives and enjoy a little glimpse into life as I know it. :) 

Best of 2017

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(If you want to see how my photography has grown, just take a peek at my best of the year posts from the past five years: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

I can hardly believe it’s January 1st! I swear the years slip by faster and faster the older I get. 2017 was definitely simpler than 2016 (which may have something to do with not spending four months in Europe like I did in 2016). Besides a short camping trip in the summer, I was more of a homebody this past year with my time split between living at home and school. (But the travel bug is far from gone from me and I have quite a few adventures planned + new places to explore in 2018).

As for this little business of mine, 2017 marked my fifth year shooting weddings and I am eternally grateful for all the beautiful souls I was privileged to get to know and photograph this past year. Per my usual, I like to gather a collection of my favorite images at the end of the year (a nearly impossible task) and here it is! (Feel free to click on any image to view it larger).


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